Pictures and dioramas


To capture a picture is the most beautiful

moment in the world


I am Natascha van Wezel and i make pictures with figurines or as i like to call them littlepeople.

I hope you enjoy watching the pictures on this site.

The figurines are getting married, as you can see on this site I make picture for all kind of events and situations......

The figurines are safely dressed for a "Onion" peeling. Think about pictures like this in your restaurant or hotel.

Making scenes with these figurines is so amazing. You create your own world and capature what you see. The thing i love the most is that i always try to make a picture involving something of a real size object and work around that with the figurines.

Companies i worked with;

Van der Valk Assen

I got approached by Rob van der Valk Junior,

the director of van der Valk Hotel Assen in Holland.

He wanted a serie of 5 pictures to put up in the hotel. And so i got to work with some great ideas.


LaceJam is a company from the United Kingdom, they produce all kind of laces. They launced a new type of lace. I made pictures for them to use on there Instagram account involving those new laces.

Van der Valk Ridderkerk

Not long after the first hotel order, the next hotel ordered 5 pictures. This time i got appraoced by Freek van der Valk, the director of van der Valk Hotel Ridderkerk in Holland.

Möller Autoschade

Möller Autoschade is a car damage repair company since 1979. There dream was to be in the best in this industry, and they are.

Möller Autoschade car damage repair is one of the leading companies in Rotterdam. The company is owned by Alfred Möller and his wife Magchelina Möller.

ThinLine Bracelets

ThinBlueLine is a non-profit foundation that collects money buy making bracelets for first responders. The money they make will go to the Make A Wish Foundation.

The blue represents the courage that the officers display. The black background symbolizes fallen officers. The line is what the officers protect; the barrier between legal and illegal.

The red thin line represents the line of firefighters protecting us, day and night. The black background shows respect for fallen firefighter heroes.

The yellow and green thin line represents the paramedics and drivers that will stand by to help you in case of emergency 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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